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White Paper Writing Service

A white paper is one of the best pieces of writing you’ll have in your B2B content marketing arsenal. It’s basically a sales page – without any selling.

Because you’re delivering in-depth information about a specific product or service, it answers your customer’s problems and sells itself.

Meanwhile, you’re building trust and credibility into your brand, and positioning yourself as a thought leader within your business circles.

Win-win for white papers!

Why Write White Papers?

White papers are hidden gems in your sales funnel. They’re the sales tool you have when you aren’t being salesy.
This is great, because a white paper is not supposed to overtly sell anything.

It’s a true blue, honest-to-goodness account of your product or service, backed by useful information and persuasive research. Which just happens to attract people on its own merits.

And when people see value in that information, they’re ready to open the treasure chest to find more gems.

You’ve got a much better chance of conversion, plus you’ll be rewarded with loyalty once you’ve solved their problems. 

Did you know that white papers can be used at any point in the sales funnel?


– Build awareness of your offerings
– Educate your target audience
– Gain trust


– Offer real solutions to problems
– Demonstrate expertise
– Generate leads


– Cement your market leading position
– Acquire new customers & sales
– Gain authority

From white paper WOE, to white paper WOAH

Let’s not beat around the bush. White papers don’t write themselves and take lots of time to do well.

Lots. Of. Time.

A good white paper needs thorough thought, planning, and research.
And that’s even before writing, editing, and polishing it, ready for publication.

How often do you juggle your diary to squeeze in yet another thing, around all your other demands?
Chunky pieces like white papers always get pushed to the bottom of the pile.

And then the deadline calls.

Wouldn’t you rather have this one off your to-do list?
I can help you with that.
Because writing white papers is what I do.

Small investment, big impact

Hiring a white paper copywriter is a smart move. With a small investment of your time for briefing sessions,
I can get started on gathering information and supporting evidence to bring your white paper to life.

To make sure your target audience gets only the best information, I work with you or your subject matter experts (SME)
to pick brains and scrape out all that un-tapped, intangible knowledge.

Then I distil the jargon into easily explained concepts to keep readers engaged.

I’ll back it up with relevant industry research to make sure the white paper fulfils its purpose.
That is, to help your readers gain understanding, solve a problem, or to make decisions based on insightful and 
trustworthy information contained in the white paper.

And since my name is my brand, you can trust that I will put a solid effort into writing great content for you, too.

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