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Content Writing Services

Medical and scientific writing that helps promote your
life science business to your target audience

It’s an age-old problem. Working IN your business makes it difficult to work ON your business.

  • Your website hasn’t been updated in ages.
  • Your content is stale and not up to par with your competitors.
  • And Search Engine Optimised (SEO) keyword research? No thanks. 

     NEWSFLASH: Great SEO content is vital to the success of your online business.

Great SEO means that content is customer-centric, provides value and insight, and solves your customer’s problems. They won’t need to go anywhere else. 

Does your website content stack up?

How are you helping your customers?

While it’s true no one knows your business quite like you, putting all that knowledge down on paper is hard. Sometimes, you’re just too close to your business to see how you can simplify the message for your audience.

As a freelance content writer, I provide external writing services to your business that help tell the story in clear, concise language. 

All my projects are collaborative, including briefing sessions and regular updates. This means that you still have full say in what gets published, and I won’t miss any important points that help promote your product or service where it counts.

So, if you think you’d benefit from help with these types of content:

SEO Website Content Writing Service
Grant Writing Service
White Paper Writing Service
Case Study Writing Service
Industry & Company Reports
Blog & Article Writing Service

Don't Take Chances With Bad Content

After all, your competitors aren’t. Here’s 5 reasons why:

  • Search engine algorithms reward helpful and trustworthy content
  • Well-written content gets more likes, shares and return visits
  • Clear, concise writing reaches a wider audience, it’s easier to understand
  • Using plain language is not “dumbing it down”, it’s being inclusive
  • Great writing builds authority and trust, helping to spread your message

So, what are you waiting for?

I'm Here to Help You

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With a background of 20+ years in both government and private health and medical sectors, I understand the need for clarity and compliance in the field of life sciences. Let me help you reach your project goals by collaborating on those time-consuming tasks, so you can continue to work in your business, not on it. 

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