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Article and Blog Writing Service

Blogs and articles are the most prolific forms of website content
(after the webpages themselves).
So how can you make sure your blogs and articles are being noticed?
Are you creating the right content, for the right audience?
I’m here to help you figure out what’s best for your business.

Blogs or Articles - What's the Difference?

It can be hard to know the difference because they seem so similar. But there are differences, and you should educate yourself on which style of writing will benefit your business most. 

You may be tempted to ‘just get something up’. Please, DON’T DO THAT. 

You’re wasting valuable time and marketing space. Chances are you’ve landed on my website because you’d like some help in making the best decision about how to use this content. 

And I can absolutely help you do that. I write search-engine-optimised (SEO) blogs and articles, ensuring the best content is put forward to attract and keep your audience coming back for more.

I can help create compelling blogs or articles from industry conferences, keynote speaker round-ups, and transcribe session notes into blog or article format.

Here’s a quick guide to help you choose which type of writing you’re after.

Blog Writing
  • Mostly opinion based
  • Often written in first person
  • Interviews optional
  • Minimal research, sources not critical
  • Casual writing style
  • Often self-edited, self-published
  • Content comes and goes with fads
  • May contain links to affiliate sites
  • Published more frequently
  • Boosts engagement & interest
Article Writing
  • Fact based
  • Written in third person
  • Interviews with SMEs preferred
  • In-depth research; reputable sources
  • Journalistic writing style
  • High quality editing & scrutiny
  • Content is often evergreen
  • Contains links to support the article
  • Published in line with a goal
  • Boosts engagement & credibility

Now you know which style of writing you’re after, it’s time to start writing the best content you can for your audience.

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