A reliable copywriter who can deliver the content you need for your next writing project.

I’m Shari Whittick, a copywriter located in the beautiful City of Lake Macquarie NSW.

With skills across a range of industries including Building Design, Pathology/Biological Sciences, and Administrative roles, I’d love to help you write your copy.


What can I do for you?

*Blog posts and long form content to increase engagement with your product or service.

*Write white papers, Standard Operating Procedures, handbooks/e-books and How-to guides.

*Transcribe medical documents such as consult letters and reports using dictaphone typing.

*Persuasive web copy for your Home, About and Products & Services pages.

*Proofread and edit documents in print or online.


I’m confident in delivering my copywriting services to you, because I’m a member of The Clever
Copywriting School, and The Australasian Medical Writer’s Association.

In addition, I’m also a member of a local Creative Writing group. I helped proofread, edit and format
short stories for publication in their annual anthology in 2018 & 2019. Unfortunately 2020 was a blowout!

Other interests: 

With a keen interest in learning ‘all the things’, writing about your topics would ignite my inner nerd.  

Reading, researching, and writing. See nerd statement above.

Travelling. Whether locally or overseas, there’s just so much to see and learn about in this world.

All things science. I love space (the big things). I love microbiology (the small things). I love physics (the ‘What the’? things). I just love science! 


Don’t find writing fun? Let me take care of that for you. It’s in good hands.
Concentrate on your business and let me concentrate on your writing.


If you’re stuck on writing the words that escape you, fill
in my contact form. We can work it out together.