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Writing projects got you in a tizz?

Writing projects for life science businesses are often complex and time-consuming. You’ve got important messages to share, but, where do you start?

Shari Whittick Copywriting can help you.

Hi, this is me – Shari Whittick. 
I love helping life science businesses hone their messages to deliver clear, informative and purposeful writing.

Photo of Shari Whittick. She has dark brown short hair, and wears glasses. She is smiling broadly.

Study + Life Experience = Knowledge

Just like you, I’ve been ‘in the game’, so I’ve got plenty real-world experience under my belt. 

Here’s 7 reasons you should work with me: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in biological/medical science
  • Experience in clinical laboratories, including management roles
  • Diverse work history: admin, technical, creative 
  • Efficient service: I’ll work to agreed deadlines
  • Collaboration on tasks with regular contact
  • Friendly, genuine and relatable persona
  • I’ll make your life easier

(I mean, heck yes to that last point especially, right?)

Feel free to get in touch to chat about your project. 

What do you need help with?

I offer a range of writing services to suit your business. If the type of project you want to work on isn’t listed below, I can still help out. Feel free to use my contact form to arrange a chat.

Memberships and courses

I confidently offer my services because I’ve spent time and money learning all this stuff – so you can rely on my experience.

  • Grant Writing Academy
  • The Clever Copywriting School
  • The Recipe for SEO Success
  • The Digital Marketing Collective
  • Australasian Medical Writers Association
  • The Australian Writers Centre
  • Charles Sturt University – Bachelor’s Degree
  • Australian Institute of Marketing
  • The National Society for Histotechnology
  • Business Administration Certificate IV
  • The Fellowship of Australian Writers
  • Local Creative Writing groups.

Shari in the wild

Like most people, I have a whole mix of things in my life outside work.

  • My three cats (one mine, the other two are grand-furbabies who live with me)
  • My canine grand-furbaby, a sassy little Pomeranian who thinks she rules the household. (Ok, she kind of does?)
  • Home improvements, when time and finances permit.
  • Love reading, especially about concepts that blow my mind (think quantum physics, neuroscience)
  • I’m not your typical handbags-and-shoes kinda gal. Give me Spotlight, Bunnings, or Officeworks any day.
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