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Life science content marketing

If you’re an Australian health, medical, or scientific business I can help you create compelling marketing materials and website copy.  Become a competitive and trusted thought leader in your industry by producing content that resonates with your audience.

Who's the chick in the lab coat?
(why do you care?)

It’s me! Shari Whittick. And the lab coat isn’t just a prop.

I have 20+ years of real-world experience in clinical laboratories, so I know some of the challenges that life science businesses face.

Following regulatory frameworks and remaining compliant are challenges in themselves. But it’s those frameworks which determine your business strategies, including the marketing that keeps your website and business afloat. 

*Pssst: I can help you with that stuff.

Your complex topics made accessible

The Medical and Life Science sectors often have complex messages to share, so it’s a relief to know that you can call on a professional health and medical writer to help out.

As a writer for life sciences businesses, I can help you create clear, persuasive, and compliant content that follows relevant industry advertising guidelines. From digital marketing to grant writing, from website copywriting to consumer information documents, I’ve got you covered.

I provide writing services which are beneficial, compliant, persuasive and informative, helping to build authority and trust in your brand.

Content that aligns with your business strategies

Website builds, SEO content, and website audits: for a strong presence on the internet
Improve my website
Help writing Grant applications, grant seeking, grant strategy and preparation.
Help me with grants
Show your business competencies and what differentiates you from your competition.
Capability statement
Case studies: how your product or service helps in real-world situations.
Case study
Whitepapers need to be easy-to-read and educational, while still engaging your audience.
Blogs and articles are great pieces of writing to share on socials to build authority.
Blogs or articles

You heard it here first

Shari is an excellent copywriter. I’ve worked with her on a number of projects, and I’ve been impressed with her quality of work and out-of-the-box thinking. She’s fast, friendly and efficient – and she does a damn good job! I’d highly recommend her for your copywriting projects. Thanks so much for your help, Shari.”
Zoe Simmons
SEO Copywriter, Journalist, Editor, Author
“I recently worked with Shari on some articles for one of my clients. The topic was complex and she managed to distil the information into clear, engaging copy. Shari was very responsive and went above and beyond to deliver a great piece of content.”
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Clare Hastings
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